Robin and Craig are owners & operators of  the original Island Comfort Mobility.  Our family owns & operates Event Scooters traveling the country providing mobility transportation to those in need.  We are former west coast natives of Florida & frequently visited this island paradise & fell in love with it.  While vacationing here we watched for many years, people of all ages having a hard time getting around. Many  not truly enjoying the sights Key West has to offer because of health, convenience or mobility issues.  Many times we would have liked to have a mobility scooter or bike after walking all day to see the sights.  Our feet were killing us!  Other transportation is offered around the island, but many visitors dont want to balance a 2 wheeled moped or find a place to park an electric car.  We immediately saw a huge need for our services & here we are!




Enjoy your vacation,

Craig & Robin

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